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We are extremely grateful for your time and energy from those who attended our Families Forum.

Our peninsula has over a hundred years of activism in building community and supporting residents. When we come together to plan and build what we need, we are walking in the footsteps of those who built what we currently enjoy. 
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What were the ideas?
Addressing climate change through reducing emissions and strengthening the resilience of our community in the face of warming world was also raised. 

Come to the Ewart St block party in October that will be the pilot of a new block party support package from WECA

Summary of actions

The most consistent issue, option and blue sky idea was green space, urban forests, parks and places for kids to play, explore and adventure. From waterparks and play equipment to indoor spaces and sports fields, there is a clear call for a strong push for space for our kids to gather, play and learn.  

Other issues such as traffic safety and crossings, congestion, construction noise and dust as well as infrastructure for walking and cycling link to our need for an accessible and safe community.

Big ideas like a major riverside park to replace the industry at the north end of the peninsula, a swimming pool in the Brisbane River, pedestrianising Boundary Street and a car free and zero emissions suburb give us big goals to aim for. 

Where to from here?

Giving each idea the attention it deserves is important. Some ideas will take time and energy while WECA has the resources to action other ideas right now. 

The first idea that we can bring to life immediately is the block / street party. 

WECA has the safety equipment and a budget for traffic management training to enable streets to safely hold street parties. We will build a package that streets can use, from paperwork to traffic cones, to hold their own party. 

The first party to be held using this pack will be a block party in Ewart Street in October 2021. Stay tuned!

The main game is securing new park and green spaces for our children. To do this, we need to form a sub-committee of WECA. The sub-committee, comprised of passionate families who see the real need for new parks, will meet once every two months and build out to program of action to secure parks and other spaces. A key question is 'how do we pay for them?' We welcome anyone with expertise or interest in pursuing this critical work with us.  

Lastly, WECA has been developing a plan for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics to advocate for infrastructure that we need and that will support the games such as pedestrianisation, crossing safety, new transport corridors and congestion management. A key focus is major carbon emissions reductions, waste recycling and reducing the heat islands in the community, particularly with tree plantings. Someone had a great idea of putting major power lines underground, protecting them while using the new space to plant trees. WECA will send a seperate email on the Olympics and what we are planning. 

Kids travel maps
The kids session also developed a set of walking maps that we will turn into a heat map of key routes for children. This map will be provided to West End State School and Brisbane State High as part of our ongoing communication about school travel safety. 

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Have a look at all the ideas here:

We would love for this to be an ongoing event in future years, to reassess the priorities of residents in 4101.

We know that  families with children are the largest demographic of the 31,709 people in Kurilpa. The majority of the population are living among the 8889 apartments ( and counting) in our urban neighbourhood.

Nonetheless when it comes to designing high density neighbourhoods for families with children, Brisbane is well and truly behind.

WECA believes we can create remedies by having deliberate conversations with local families including children. Families need safe streets, more parkland/ sport facilities and better air quality.

Source: Brisbane Community Profile, June 2020, Brisbane City Council

Acknowledgement of Country

WECA acknowledges that sovereignty was never ceded and we are humbled to live and play in Kurilpa, owned and cared for by the Jagera and Turrbal peoples.



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